Custom Bras

Your uplift custom bra is made to measure, and the measurements we use are yours!
You no longer have to worry about settling for a pinch here, a sag there, or something that almost fits you. We’re not in the business of “good enough” when it comes to your bra, because we know you deserve more than you sometimes offer yourself.

Red bra with red embroideryBaby blue bra with black laceBlack sheer bra with black laceBeige bra with white embroidery

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Mastectomy Bras

When you’ve conquered breast cancer, it’s good to know that Uplift Custom Bras has the products and expertise you deserve to look and feel beautiful!
uplift custom bras fits and designs custom post-mastectomy bras of the utmost quality, comfort and style.

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Sports Bra

Athletic bras don’t have to give you a uni-boob! Feel confident and sexy the next time you’re working up a sweat in our breathable, light-weight fabrics. Give your chest the support it needs with top of the line cotton blends and other wicking materials. Be creative! We have so many bold colours and strong patterns to choose from. 

From $250

Wirefree Bra

Tired of the wires? We have quite a few wirefree patterns that provide amazing boost. Let’s work together to customize a beautiful, one-of-a-kind bra that is as durable as it is comfortable. Don’t settle for anything less than the very best for your body and your health!
From – $265

Uplift Bra

Elevate your look with one of our most popular styles. The uplift bra offers the utmost support while also giving your breasts a boost.  We don’t specialize in building bras that fit just any body – we specialize in building bras that fit your body. Be unique! We design to suit your desires.

From – $295

Push Up Bra

Looking for a little extra lift? Looking for a lot? We can help! At uplift custom bras, we offer superior quality and a perfect fit, every time. We have a wide range of cups and inserts that will provide you with the lift you’re looking for, while still maintaining full coverage. Let’s rethink sexy!  

From – $295


Suddenly all the rage, uplift has been filling many orders for the bralette! We have dozens of lace and other gorgeous, light fabrics that provide an impressive boost. Bralettes are designed without an underwire, which means that if the fit isn’t perfect your bra will never hold up the girls. Don’t waste any more time or money! Customize yourself into comfort and style today.

From – $150

Minimizer Bra

We want you to upgrade your expectations when it comes to minimizer bras. They shouldn’t make your boobs flat, or make it hard to breathe; they should make you feel supported and beautiful. It’s time to fit your needs and your measurements. Let us be there for you.

From – $275