Custom Fitting

A ‘custom fitting’ means exactly that: it’s custom to you, the customer. None of this measuring at a retail store for them to pull something off the rack that was made to fit a mannequin anyways. 
Your uplift custom bra is made to measure, and the measurements we use are yours!

How it works

Due to the pandemic our fittings have moved online. 
Things are a little different now, but we have done our best to ensure you still have an accurate and discreet fitting with a member from our skilled team. 

  1. Book a consultation

We will take initial measurements and discuss the patterns and colours you were thinking about working with. Simply pick a date/time that works best for you and we will send you a Zoom link via email. We ask that you please have a measuring tape for our first meeting, or things may get a little tricky!

  1. First Fit

Once we have your measurements, we begin working on your new masterpiece; within a  few weeks we will ship you your first “sample” bra. During a second Zoom call we will try it on and see what needs tweaking. We ask that you ship the sample back at your earliest convenience. The sooner you send it back, the sooner we can continue working!

  1. Second Fit

This is where we confirm that everything fits perfectly. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and perfection takes a little extra patience too; if your custom bra isn’t just right, ship it back and we will make the appropriate alterations. We want you looking and feeling your best!

  1. Start living the Uplifted life

We will ship you your finished product and have one final fitting to guarantee your happiness. Then we’re done! All you have to do is wear your custom bra with confidence and pride. (Psst! We also love it when you share your Uplifted secret with others!)
We believe we have found the best way to work exclusively online with our customers; now everyone has access to a beautiful product while staying safe and comfortable in their own home!

Schedule your initial consultation today, and get a boost in the right direction!