1.Where on Google Earth Are You?

Good Question!

We’re in Burlington, ON. Canada. Burlington is about 45 minutes west of Toronto ON, or 1 hour north of Buffalo N.Y.. All roads lead here!

2. How much does a custom bra cost?

It varies.

Custom bras start at $275.00 CDN

Prices vary with style and materials. We have so many options to build you a bra that is the most comfortable you have ever owned.

3. I’m pretty far away. Can I just send you my measurements?

Read on!

Your body is unique, and your measurements are so specific. We offer virtual fittings so that nothing gets lost in translation. All you need is a tape measure, and we will guide you through the measurements needed to make your custom bra. Go to our Virtual Fittings Page for more information

4. What should I expect?

Privacy , Support , Discretion.

We’re dealing with your body. Traditionally this isn’t an area that your everyday woman really wants to talk about ,or feels comfortable with, so firstly let me say this: you will have as much privacy and security as you need.

Then we’ll discuss your bra fit issues. We’ll talk about what your most common complaints are: pinching, sliding straps, cups that are too small, bands that are too big, basically you can tell me why every bra until now has let you down… figuratively and literally. Then we’ll take your measurements, decide on a pattern that works for you, and then we get to pick colours and fabrics!

Don’t be afraid to tell the truth about your fit struggles, there’s no need to be embarrassed. For example, did you know that almost all of us have one breast that is larger than the other? For some women, it is not significantly larger, but for others, it can be cup sizes larger. It’s probably annoying, it’s probably something you don’t want to talk about, but the good news is that it is totally fixable.

5. What sizes do you have?

All of them.

It’s Size: You

Seriously. Your bra is custom made to fit your body.

6. I have had a mastectomy and can’t find a comfortable bra, can you help?


Warriors like you deserve the highest badge of honour. Uplift only makes custom bras, so we’ll make you the most beautiful one we can. At Uplift Custom Bras, comfort is priority, but there is never a need to sacrifice beauty. Every woman who has gone through breast cancer has individual needs and very personal experiences. Our goal is to make you a bra that is comfortable, beautiful and confident again.

7. What will my bra look like?

How open is your imagination?

When you choose to go custom, your bra is your size, your style, your colour! You are no longer limited to white, black or beige! The sky is our starting point, forget the limit.

8. How long will my bra last?

 A long time.

Your custom bra is made with the highest quality fabrics, and stitched with care. This means you won’t need to replace it every 4 months.

We recommend handwashing your bra in a gentle lingerie soap such as Soak, and hang it to dry. Washing machines and dryers are the enemy of elastics, and underwires.

Do you have more questions?

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