A custom fitting means exactly that: it’s custom to you, the customer. None of this measuring at a retail store for them to pull something off the rack that was made to fit a mannequin. Your Uplift bra is made to measure, and the measurements we use are yours.

You no longer have to worry about settling for a pinch here, and sag there, for something that almost fits you. We’re not in the business of “good enough” when it comes to your bra, because we want your bra to fit like a second skin. A very sexy, very sleek, and very comfortable second skin.

Your bra measurements are taken by a supportive, sensitive, and seasoned professional who has seen every size, and every situation you can imagine. The privacy of the Uplift salon ensures that you will feel safe and secure during your fitting, and discretion is our middle name.

It’s time you gave yourself a lift, a boost in the right direction, a pick-me-up for your girls.

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