“The Bra Whisperer has spoken! It’s been a challenging journey, 3 months to be exact, that I’ve been trying to find a backless (aka clear back bra) for my Mother of the Groom dress. Who would have known it would be such a difficult task. Totally exhausted and about to give up and buy another dress, I discovered Linda. Alas, a “clear back bra” has been born. We’ll be raising a glass to Linda as soon as my toes hit that sand in Cancun, Mexico! Linda, you are truly gifted and it was a pleasure working with you. I will be forever grateful!”

– Louise

“I felt a lot of shame when I used to buy bras. Nothing fit properly, I looked bulky and pudgy, and thought it was all my fault. When Linda measured me, I saw that my body wasn’t the problem, the fit system was. My new bra is classic, comfortable, and perfectly me. Thank you SO much Linda!”

– Denise

“I’ve never been satisfied with retail designs or retail fit. The designs are pretty unoriginal, and the fit always left something to be desired. My bra from Uplift fits my taste and my body, and I couldn’t be happier!”

– Amelia

“Linda and I worked together to design an elegant and sophisticated black bra. I love the satin and lace, but more importantly, I love the way it makes me feel. I feel pulled together, refined, and polished, like I have a sturdy foundation for my outfit. Thanks Linda!”

– Nathalie

“A teacher with a well fitting bra she made herself is an A+ instrument for a bra making class. This class is fun, informative, and will save you bundles in the long run!”

– Sandra Betzina, designer for Vogue patterns, author, and host of HGTV’s “Sew perfect.”

“Thank you SO much for the beautiful things you have made me. You have no idea how it makes me feel. I FEEL SEXY AGAIN! Thank you!”

– Diane

“Linda, thank you so much for my new bras. I was always told that because I had a larger chest I would never be able to get any kind of lift, but you’ve proved everyone wrong! I love my push up bras, they’re sexy, sophisticated, and most importantly, supportive. You’re the best!”

– Leslie

“Linda dove into the challenge of my unique measurements. Not being her typical client, I had never had a properly fitting bra for my very small and wider set chest. I was constantly in pain with ill fitting bras that gapped at the top, slide around all day and underwire that cut into my tissues. Sometimes I would even take off my bra half way through the day to alleviate the discomfort. Not to mention it was difficult to feel confident without a bra that actually gave me any shape. I had given up hope after many so called fittings at high end boutiques that didn’t address my issues and had relegated myself to training bras or nothing for life. On a last whim, I decided to look into custom bras and found Uplift. Linda was very professional and personable as she listened attentively to my concerns and ideas about styling through email and in our consultations. After 4 fittings, I had my first properly fitting and attractive bra in my entire life (at age 28.) My bra didn’t exist in any store but it existed in Linda’s skilled mind and now in my closet. I have since ordered multiple styles including a very successful push up-bra. I highly recommend Uplift, an impeccable service that is entirely worth the money no matter what size you are. I couldn’t be happier.”

– Amanda

” I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that your product is the most comfortable bra I have ever had on. And it didn’t slip off my shoulders once!!”

– Angela