There are as many sizes of bras as there are unique sizes of women on the planet.

As soon as women understand that the reason their bra’s straps fall down, or cups gape, or back strap rides up is because your bra doesn’t fit, the sooner we can do ourselves some justice.

Interested in learning to make a bra like a pro? Grab some gal pals or come flying in solo to one of uplift custom bra making classes and learn the art of the perfect fit, comfort and style.

Contact uplift to attend one of our bra making classes, or ask to hold your own private bra making class.

All classes include a guided professional custom bra fitting. Classes are taught by an uplift custom bra making professional.


“A teacher with a well fitting bra she made herself is an A+ instrument for a bra making class. This class is fun, informative, and will save you bundles in the long run!”

– Sandra Betzina, designer for Vogue patterns, author, and host of HGTV’s “Sew perfect.”

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Virtual Pattern Fittings


The struggle is real


Fitting a bra pattern by yourself is a challenge. It would be so much easier if you had an extra pair of eyes .

During the Great Bra Sewing Bee ( July 2020 ), several women had the opportunity to sign up for a one on one fitting with me…and my experienced eyes.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Join me for 2 fifteen minute fit sessions only $50.00 CDN

In the first session, we analyze your fit issues – I make suggestions for pattern alterations and how to do them.

In the second session, we check the results, make sure it is perfect, and you are on your way to filling your drawer with beautiful, comfortable bras! 

To get started , send me an email : and put a stop to the endless trials!

Here’s what people are saying:

I’m thrilled!!! I finished the bra and it fits!!! After all my trials I finally have a bra that actually fits. Thank you so much! H.S.

It is done. Remarkably good fit!!! Some elements of construction could be improved, but it won’t be my last one! I am so excited to get started on my next bra knowing it will fit!  J.Y.

OMG! I’ve done it! I have a bra pattern that fits. Finally.  Thank you , Linda T.R.