Life is too short for an uncomfortable, unflattering bra!

It is too short for underwires that poke you in the ribs and arm pits, and burst out of your cleavage like antennae. It is too short for straps that refuse to stay put, or straps that dig so deep into your shoulders you have to dig them out at the end of the day. Life is about beauty, and your body is beautiful the way it is, so let’s design you some bras that will enhance it, shall we?

I have always loved to sew, and I really love a challenge, so I was the first to sign up when I saw an ad for a bra-making course. To my unbelievable surprise, I was able to sew a really comfortable bra that also happened to look great. The best part was that it made the girls look absolutely fabulous.

So I took it to the harshest critics I could find: everyday people in everyday bras. I tested it out on a few friends and they unanimously agreed- it was the most comfortable bra they had ever worn. Silhouettes were sleeker, curves were curvier, and perkiness was off the charts. Friends told friends and a custom bra salon was born in what is now my sewing studio in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

People from as far away as Australia, and as close as next door, have come for their own, comfortable, sexy,  made-to-measure, wires never poking, custom bra.